Pro Level Progression with Professor Paul

These days, even among the Instagram age of “influencers”, you hear the term progressive overload a ton. More often than not it seems that this term is used without deep understanding of it’s application or why it’s a foundational principle for hypertrophy. The most...

Waging War on Metabolic Downregulation

 Day one of your dieting phase? OK, time to jump start your metabolism. Gouge my eyes out and punch me in the throat if I ever have to hear that again. The myths, the misnomers, and the general misunderstanding of human metabolism have run rampant through social media...

Repetitions in Reserve

Repetitions in reserve [RIR], can be defined as how many repetitions from failure you feel you are after completing a set. This is a form of relative intensity which depicts the relationship between what you are capable of, versus what you actually did. An example...
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