Jess specializes in women’s nutrition and strength training. She’s been a fitness and nutrition coach for the past 4 years, with an extended background in nutrition. Jess is finishing up her degree in nutrition from Oakland University and has received her CPT certification through NASM, along with her PN1 certification from Precision Nutrition.

After training for and competing in bikini competitions, she continued to build her knowledge of the science behind the human body, training, and nutrition, to create a well-balanced lifestyle of her own. Jess believes that there is more to our health than just a good physique.

Her main focus when working with clients is optimizing gut health to help create a solid foundation to get you to your goals. She has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, those mainly being women and female competitors looking to transition into lifestyle programs.

Jess is known for her nutritional guidance, strength training protocols, and emotional support that she offers her clients.

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