Dominic Kuza – Competitor: Nutrition

From: $325 / month

There are no refunds on coaching plans.  Please use our Contact form to submit any questions!


Product Description

All Coaching comes with:

  • What’s App Texting Communication
  • Supplement Protocol Suggestions
  • Health Supplement Suggestions
  • Cardio Assignments
  • Detailed Google Sheet Tracking
  • Blood Work Analysis (Twice a year minimum)

What to Expect?

  • A plan created for you to succeed
  • Assessing your biofeedback and adjusting your plan based on this
  • Open Communication to make this as adherable for you!

What Do I Expect?

  • Communicate with me about anything being an issue
  • Your full dedication and discipline to your goal = I can’t want your success more than you
  • Check In on Time and Correctly
  • Not having to chase after a response
  • Being realistic with your progress
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