Dominic Kuza – Lifestyle Coaching (NEW CLIENTS) [Monthly]

From: $125 / month and a $75 sign-up fee

There are no refunds on coaching plans.  Please use our Contact form to submit any questions!


Product Description

This product is for new clients: CLICK HERE if you are an existing client and would like to extend your coaching.

After purchasing, you will be able to download the Coaching Questionnaire to fill out and submit.  This file will include instructions on how to correspond with Dominic. Please follow the instructions on the form and let us know if you have any issues via our Contact Form.

12, 16, and 20 Week options are also available, CLICK HERE to purchase one of these options.

What Does Lifestyle Coaching Include?

  1. A Full Meal Plan That is Customized To You and Your Goals. (Based on the Consultation Form)
    • You will be required to measure food for your meals
  2. Training Coaching/Programming Weight Logging and Adjusting (Not included with Nutrition Only Option)
  3. Health Supplement Suggestions
  4. Cardio Protocol
  5. Weekly Check-Ins. Every Week you will check in and report to me according to the How to Check-In Form that is sent with your initial plan! Adjustments will be made if necessary
  6. Unlimited Access to Email Communication (Average Response Time is within 12 hours) Understand that I try my best to answer as quickly as possible, if it takes me longer to respond, there is a reason!

What to Expect?

  • A plan created for you to succeed
  • Assessing your biofeedback and adjusting your plan based on this
  • Open Communication to make this as adherable for you!

What Do I Expect?

  • Communicate with me about anything being an issue
  • Your full dedication and discipline to your goal = I can’t want your success more than you
  • Check In on Time and Correctly
  • Not having to chase after a response
  • Being realistic with your progress

Please Continue Reading.  This program is COMPLETELY online!  Please Understand the Following Before Purchasing

  1. All Sales are Final, you will be receiving an electronic service and program, there is no way to return this product
  2. You will be required to measure food for your meals
  3. Programs take 5-6 business days after submission of form to be completed
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