Dominic Kuza – Optimized Lifestyle Coaching


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Product Description

What is Optimized Lifestyle Coaching?

  • Designed To Be Done in Stages
  • Stage 1: First Couple Weeks Will Be Centered Around Forming Habits and Routines
  • Stage 2: Comprehensive Blood Work To Analyze Where We Need Our Attention to Shift
  • Stage 3: Necessary Health Phases To Improve Internal Health
  • Stage 4: Fitness Goal, Health Phase Completed. Now We Shift Focus

The Program is designed to truly optimize you as a person, internally and physically. By taking the approach of fixing habits, addressing blood work, and then moving into the big fitness goal. We enter the fitness goal portion in a truly optimized state which makes things run extremely smoothly

What’s Included:

  • Customized Diet
  • Customized Resistance Training Program
  • Cardio Protocols
  • Health Supplement Protocols
  • Assessing Health Markers
  • Weekly Check Ins Via Whatsapp
  • Communication Via Whatsapp Text Messaging
  • Monthly Video Call To Assess How the Month Went

Please Continue Reading.  This program is COMPLETELY online!  Please Understand the Following Before Purchasing

  1. All Sales are Final, you will be receiving an electronic service and program, there is no way to return this product
  2. You will be required to measure food for your meals
  3. Programs take 5-6 business days after submission of form to be completed
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