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Joining Gifted Performance has been one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. Gifted Performance literally saved my life and changed my relationship with food. I’ve had a drastic physical change, but the biggest difference has been made mentally. I was worried about being morbidly obese coming into a group of insanely fit clients, however, I’ve been welcomed by the most supportive people you could ask for. When you join GP, you’re joining a family.

Kristen H.

Gifted Performance Teammate

I was nervous about committing to investing in myself. I really didn’t think that I needed a coach with all the resources out there. However, I am so happy I joined Gifted Performance, and I am so grateful that I got to work with them for nutrition and programming. It was so refreshing to have someone in my corner relieving all the stress that comes with getting lean and getting strong. Gifted Performance offers so much insightful guidance and has taught me to be more forgiving of myself. Progress, not perfection! I truly enjoy this whole process now. I love what I am capable of and how much confidence I’m gaining in myself. Feeling good became the priority and looking good became a byproduct.

Elaine C.

Gifted Performance Teammate

Gifted Performance has been the best since the day we first talked. They are so on point with macros all the way to daily steps. I’ve never had such a detailed plan, which is a big deal for me since I love planning ahead and organization. They pay attention to every little detail and because of that, I’ve never made so much progress in just under a year. Gifted Performance has completely changed my physique and mindset in the best way possible.

Brittany P.

Gifted Performance Teammate

My name is Freddie and I’ve been working with Gifted Performance since November. When I had made the decision to find a coach for some help achieving my goal physique, Gifted Performance was the first person that came to mind. Not to mention the fact we started right before Thanksgiving and instead of getting me started immediately they told me to enjoy my time with family and let my stomach enjoy the food. That was an obvious sign they care for their clients. Six months later to this day, Gifted Performance has shown me they care plenty of times whether it’s always answering my random questions, checking up on my mental state every week, and making sure I’m enjoying the program.

Freddie R.

Gifted Performance Teammate

I was recommended to Gifted by one of their clients. They took me in as a client and we went to work. Gifted Performance has always been great with communication and answering any kind of questions I may have and the way they coach is really structured. I am a person who needs that structure and we pushed and the results came. We started prepping on January 1st around 283 lbs and today around 10 weeks out from my show I sit at 231. We have made tremendous strides in my physique and I cannot wait for the finished product. To say the least I’m glad I chose Gifted Performance!

Tate G.

Gifted Performance Teammate

I’ve worked with Gifted Performance for a little over a year now. I’m not one of their bodybuilder or figure clients, just plain Jane looking for some fitness structure and help. They have been amazing with coaching, supporting, encouraging (on repeat) me through my ups and downs and some injuries, too. For being no one special, they made sure to take into consideration my injuries, my surroundings, what gym equipment I had access to, my favorite exercise, and put together a 5-week program that I could repeat month after month and not get bored. The entire Gifted Performance team has been amazing and I highly encourage you to check them out and all they have to offer!!!

Madelyn B.

Gifted Performance Teammate

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