Gifted Performance is excited to work with Old Bull Athletics as their premier partner for Nutrition Coaching Services. 

Our team of expert coaches have guided over 3,000 clients to help them reach their health & fitness goals via comprehensive meal planning and macro tracking.  Sign up today and let our team help you reach your full potential.


Our team of adept coaches are here to help you achieve your health & fitness goals through personalized nutrition coaching services. Nutrition plans are developed based on a thorough assessment of your current dietary habits, lifestyle, and health/fitness goals.

Your coach will then work with you to identify any areas of improvement in your diet and help you make sustainable changes to reach your desired outcome.  Learn more about our coaches below.


Jason has been an active personal trainer and coach for over 20 years and a competitive natural bodybuilder for over 10 years.  He has successfully coached a wide array of people from those looking to change their lifestyle to competitive bodybuilders & strength/power athletes. His coaching style involves an approach that is evidence-based and instructional while leveraging experience and passion to help others reach their goals in a balanced fashion.


Jess specializes in women’s nutrition and strength training. She’s been a fitness and nutrition coach for the past 4 years, with an extended background in nutrition. Jess is finishing up her degree in nutrition from Oakland University and has received her CPT certification through NASM, along with her PN1 certification from Precision Nutrition. Jess is known for her nutritional guidance, strength training protocols, and emotional support that she offers her clients.


Steven began his coaching career in 2019 specializing in nutrition. Along with lifestyle coaching clients, he works with a number of high level athletes to prepare them for bodybuilding competitions. From 2019 to present, Steven has worked with over 100 clients guiding them through their health and fitness goals. His overarching coaching and competitive philosophy is to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that enriches one’s life regardless of their goals.

Ryan Zeisloft

Ryan Zeisloft aka The Squatfather™️ has over 10 years of experience training and competing in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and Olympic Weightlifting. He has a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science and a Masters of Science in Applied Exercise Physiology from the University of Central Florida.  Ryan has coached himself and many others to bodybuilding, powerlifting, and weightlifting medals but does not shy away from working with general population clients who simply want to improve their health and physique.


Kerri specializes in strength training, circuit training, nutrition & mindfulness. She has over 5 years experience in the fitness industry. She believes that one’s mental health & perspectives are just as important as their physical health. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, is CPT certified, is a CrossFit L1 trainer & a Precision Nutrition L1 Nutrition coach. Her main focus with her clients is building healthy & sustainable lifestyle habits to improve all health markers, improving physical performance & achieving a desired physique.


Anthony is a current competitive bodybuilder at the national level in the NPC, former NCAA wrestler, and High School All American. His persistent involvement in athletics has fostered a high level of competitiveness that he displays in his coaching. He is passionate about helping others achieve their physique and performance goals through applied exercise science and evidence based practice. He specializes in programming both training and nutrition for physique athletes, wrestlers / grapplers, and general fitness clients.










What Does Nutrition Guidance Include?

  1. Fully customized meal plan made based on your goals, food preferences, schedule, training and lifestyle.
  2. Health Supplement Recommendations
  3. Weekly Check-ins to track progress and make changes to your meal plan as needed
  4. Email and/or WhatsApp Communication

After purchasing, you will be able to download the Coaching Questionnaire to fill out and submit. This file will include instructions on how to correspond with your chosen coach. Please follow the instructions on the form and let us know if you have any issues via our Contact Form.

This program is COMPLETELY online! Please Understand the Following Before Purchasing:

  1. All Sales are Final, you will be receiving an electronic service and program, there is no way to return this product
  2. You will be required to measure food for your meals
  3. Programs take 2-3 business days after submission of form to be completed

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